Wrap the Music

Desall designed a pocket earphone wrapper, useful to keep in order your earphone cables, but this product has still no name and no packaging.

That’s why it’s time to test again our community creativity and skills: the first task is finding a name suitable for this product. It has to describe the wrapper’s qualities, functions and it’s supposed to sound good for the target audience. Get more chances to win adding a catchy payoff and a hard-hitting explanation of your idea.

The upload phase will be open till 22nd August, and after the community vote and the client decision, it will start a new phase where the Desall Community can submit proposal for the wrapper packaging, based on the winner idea of the Naming contest (deadline for upload is 19th September).

Wrap the Music” is a co-creation contest: the community users challenge each other on a specific step of the product development process. The best idea (chosen by the client but remember, the community can influence it!) will be the starting point for the following step, and everybody can contribute again. Many heads working together to get the best results!

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