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Vibram Rubber Skin Attitude has just entered phase 2, with a new challenge open to the whole community of and to new participants. It’s now time to deal with a true product design phase, based on the winning concept of phase 1.

In the previous phase 166 designers were involved from over 30 countries in the world, with a total of 224 entries, including concepts, sketches, product ideas.. In particular, the brief invited designers to suggest new product ideas and concepts to be realised through the revolutionary Luxury Rubber “leatherette rubber sheet”, which is an open-cell rubber foam in the form of 2mm sheets.

The proposals showed different employments and uses for the Luxury Rubber, exploring in depth the various aspects of the Vibram heritage. One, in particular, suggested the very interesting concept of treating the rubber sheet as an origami, introducing the possibility to expand and fold the material to a certain extent. The concept was applied to a backpack, showing the great potential of this solution.

Accordingly, phase 2 will be focused on this very product typology: backpacks, bags and other containers equipped for mobility featuring a technical solution to expand and fold the Luxury Rubber sheets. Read the new brief for more info.

Let us now congratulate with the winner of phase 1.

Antonino Ciuro
ori series


ori is a thermoformed origami structure that joins the unique properties of the luxury rubber skin to a geometrical, natural folding pattern. The combination of these properties lets ori find more morphological definitions than a flat pattern, stretching and shrinking its shape.
The pattern can be used in many applications such as technical wearables, accessories and furniture. Its flexible structure is the perfect base design new products and develop unexplored marketing strategies.

The single cell is based on a miura pattern with a neutral fold which lets ori work as a triangulated system. The genetic kinematic possibilities of the structure are going to be improved by luxury rubber skin properties.
The designer provides an algorithmic modeling useful to apply the topology to any surface and start to design molds and production equipments.


For the winner of phase two, in addition to the cash award there’s also an exclusive workshop at the Vibram Technological Center in Guangzhou, China, to be held during 2018. Have a look at the location!


Stay tuned!

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