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We’re proud to announce the beginning of a new collaboration with THE3DGROUP, a leading Italian group that brings together different companies that excel in various aspects of the manufacturing chain, providing specialised digital services to thousands of companies and businesses.

As stated by the Marketing manager of the Group, Silvia Bortolato, in the recent press-release, THE3DGROUP “is the only group in Italy able to provide all the digital technologies currently available on the market, from product conception to launch” (read the full-text of the press-release – Italian only).

The contribution offered by Desall to the whole group is particularly connected with the innovative tools of product innovation and development, provided through the open innovation platform, where thousands of designers and creatives from all over the world play an ever increasing role in the product conception and development – as Silvia Bortolato further comments: “today the idea is probably more important than the product itself”.

The success of THE3DGROUP is strongly connected to the synergy and dynamism of the companies that form the group, supporting all the digital processes from product conception to launch. In particular, the group is made of SolidWorld (authorised SolidWorks reseller), Design Systems (Dessault Systèmes Catia solution partner), Energy Group (3D printing), Solid Energy (Reverse engineering and quality check), Tecnologia & Design (design and 3D printing), SolidCAM Italia Srl (CAM solutions for manufacturing), SolidMachine (educational), Easy-d-rom (Reserve engineering services for Southern Italy) and – since 2017 – Desall (for product conception and development).

As part of the group we look forward to increasing further the possibilities we can offer to our clients and our community, in a view of an ever increasing synergy among all the companies.

Read the full-text of the press-release (Italian only)



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