The Coffee Machine Competition – Winner announcement

Great news today from a long-awaited winner announcement for The Coffee Machine Competition.
The call was a real challenge, quite a technical competition, looking for a disruptive design for a multi-purpose coffee machine, which could serve several beverage typologies with a single device.

Your response, as usual, was superb, with 225 designs by 182 participants.
As specified in the brief, we remind you that the gallery might be turned private within a few days from now.

And the winner is…
Drum roll..

The Winner
Raul Gonzalez Podesta

A minimal aesthetic, a lot of design.
That describes the goal of this proposal. A sleek, clean and eye catching design, with innovative aesthetics and smart solutions.

A sleek and clean design must be more than a simple bulky box and an automatic machine doesn’t need to look like a complex Sci-Fi technology.
With those guidelines in mind I isolated the functional elements in two main groups. The automatic pouring system and the technical/functional components (pump/heater/water tank, drip tray/touch screen, etc).
But these two groups need to be linked to become a functional machine. So this functional element has been designed to be the key element to create a distinctive design.

Stay tuned for more news to come soon!

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