Silver wave – Winner Announcement


Greggio Argento has announced the winner of the Silver wave contest aimed at finding innovative solutions for their pure silver foil. 111 creative minds took the challenge and submitted 172 entries altogether. Very good ideas and interesting proposals.

But one, most of all, grasped the attention of the Client…

Let’s congratulate with:

The Winner OMdesign

OMdesign aka Monica Oddone



“A grounded, well built project, studied in real detail (logo included) and very accurate in the descriptions.”


THERMOSilver is a new generation of thermal containers for food storage and transportation.
The silver foil is highlighted for its characteristics, like thermal conductivity, high reflectivity and antibacterial action. They are essential qualities for the application
in this new sector.
The silver foil replaces the mirror surface finish of traditional thermos, greatly improving performance.

The inner coating, in contact with liquids or food, quickly reaches thermal equilibrium, helping to maintain a constant temperature for long periods.
In addition, it helps to preserve the beverage’s qualities, preventing mold or bacterial spoilage.
The outer coating reflects the heat from environment, without needing for further finishing:
in this way, we obtain a complete isolation from the outside.

In THERMOSilver for beverages, the silver foil also covers the cup. It controls the temperature of the liquid during consumption, without flavour changes.
In THERMOSilver lunch-box, the silver foil covers the individual containers and is also used for disassembled cutlery, resulting more hygienical than plastic cutlery.
Other products like thermal baby bottles or thermal containers could use the same working principle.

Many congrats to all!!
Stay tuned for new contests to come!


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