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Time for big announcements today! REPLAY has just announced the winners of the Replay 24h shoe contest on

179 participants with 442 shoe designs to reinterpret the heritage DNA of the brand in an innovative way. Your participation has simply been awesome. And today we are glad to name the two creative talents that have caught all the attention of Replay.

And the winners are…

Women shoe model award
mine aka Irma Suryani

“The use and the balance of sport/tech details in a very female wedge-heel shoe are an interesting solution; this model is very suitable for the employment of several colour variations and fabric combinations to change its traits from a mainly fashion item to a more sports shoe”. – The Replay Team


The shoe is made of denim with gradation color and the fake shoe lace just as an accent. The shoe is using zipper as an opener. Since it’s for 24 hours shoe, it’s more comfortable for using closed shoe (no opening shoe). Since heels is really important for girls, wedges is the best option. Because we got the heels and it’s more comfortable for using it in a long term than high heels.

The idea came from waraji. Waraji are Japanese traditional shoes for travelers and for samurai in battle field. Waraji are made from straw rope.

Men shoe model award
AlfonsoDesign aka Alfonso Di Casola

“The mix of perfectly balanced ingredients makes this mid-cut shoe a fashion and avant-garde product.

The idea of using a metallic flap with a double buckle and dove-tail stitching reminds of a “classical” shoe that is unexpectedly integrated into a modern sneaker, making it versatile and apt for a 24h use.” – The Replay Team


“DESIGN” , “AUTHENTICITY” , “INNOVATION” are the 3 keywords of #REPLAY24HSHOE by AlfonsoDiCasola

Footwear tell Emotion . People make History . #REPLAY24HSHOE , as a title of this Project x REPLAY footwear Collection. I was Inspired by the mix of Sport and Classic shoes trims and details. In this case the world of sport shoe meets trims and details from the world of classic shoe, creating an innovative, fresh and contemporary mix. Then I developed the Project, matched with this first part of Inspiration, the Authenticity and the Heritage style of REPLAY Dna. A riot of emotion when all the elements come together, it takes so on the second part of the Project. All the shoes are designed for comfort and style recognizable tied to the Brand REPLAY. Every materials and details defines the collection, the aesthetic emotional of collection is as well functional. Every piece is full of Imagination and History and therefore the people could have infinitive way to interpretation of them. “FEEL THEM”, “USE THEM”, “DOMINATE THEM” are the 3° stage of this Collection. The Collection present different kind of materials, the main material that I used is the leather, different types of that one, such as Python, fine Crocodile, clean , metallic and perforated Nappa matched with Denim, Fake fur and technical fabric, for a Greater technical Performance. In my Project we can see at the same time contrasts and adaptations, from Classic shoe with ultralight sole, to the Sport shoe with classic sole. So The two Masterpiece, the concept of the shoe inside the shoe, and the Classic shoe cut and shaped as a sandal. The details are the strong point of the project that embodies a way of seeing the Footwear from the future in REPLAY’s Key. For a Shoe that can be adapted to every need, from the formal to informal event, “For The whole Day”.


And here’s a final comment by Replay:

“The final choice was very hard to make, as we received several interesting proposals; however, these two projects in particular succeeded in expressing those versatility, novelty and glam features that we wanted to research through the contest.

Thanks to all participants”. – The Replay Team


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  • andrea 16 Nov 2015 at 04:09pm

    Maybe I wrong but my idea of 24 hours is not connected with this women Replay award. I would like to see a woman that stays 24h with this kind of shoes. For me 24H shoes means style and comfort,all together ever and at same time. I’m sorry, I’m happy for the winner, but I totally disagree with Replay.

    • desall 16 Nov 2015 at 05:03pm

      Dear Andrea, thanks for your opinion. Regarding the 24h employment, Replay has commented on the project hinting at the fact that it is a very versatile product, which allows several combinations of colours and materials, from a more fashion to a more sports model. What you suggest is an interesting point of view, which we are sure will not be ignored. In fact, different opinions can just help broaden our vision to create a better product.
      All the best,

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