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The winner of reDock has just been disclosed by H-FARM.
Among the 111 different proposals, the Client has picked up the solution that most suited its vision:

The solutions we have received have all been very consistent with the brief of the contest. The winner – in our opinion – has developed more than others a solution which best suites the application we are planning to do; most notably, it stands out for its simplicity, elegance and discreetness. – Riccardo Donadon, H-FARM (CEO)

The Winner

aka Denny and Karen


A mPOS dock that flips the tablet to achieve dual orientation feature. – The stand props the device up at 30 degrees viewing angle when facing the seller’s side and at 70 degrees when it is flipped to the buyer’s side. The flipped screen feature allows the seller to dial the transaction amount on the tablet and the buyer to see the amount, place the signature, etc. The casing for the tablet is designed for iPad 2, but is a separate part from the main unit in order to share the same base across different smartphone/tablet models. The separated case is also good for future proofing when newer iPad models come out later on. The device is connected through the audio-jack input ( cable routing is yet to be explored). For better security, the entire unit can be screwed down onto the table. In case of credit/debit card transactions, the card reader is located on the side of the tablet, allowing the buyer to dial the PIN code in the keypad and swipe the card through the card scanner slot. The card reader module can be unplugged for independent use, and follows the specified dimensions and is angled at 70 degrees for more comfortable usage. The pivot rod has a spun metal end-caps on each side, one of them being the power button to turn on the device. The simple and elegant design can be easily employed in any type of business/store environment.

The overall dimension of the product is 315(W)x137(D)x167(H)mm when the tablet is at 30 degrees viewing angle, and 315(W)x179(D)x77(H)mm when the tablet is at 70 degrees viewing angle. Image 5 illustrates the product in matte black plastic CMF.

Special mentions

DO-X by studioblob aka Adomas Rimšelis

Clean and solid X.

Re-Dock Tower Station by andresortiz aka Andrés Ortiz Olmo

The payment station is defined by its extremely flexible, friendly and oriented design with high usability for both client and vendor.
His aesthetic and formal simplicity is key to adapt to any shop or business from the simple to the luxurious boutique cafe.
By studying the use, have been highlighted by the aesthetics and performance, the two main devices, ipad and mPOS.
Ipad 2 and mPOS device stand with portable hardcases.

Congratulations to all participants for the very good quality of the projects!
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