Re-Craft Design presents Glass House Collection ’13

Desall and Fondo Plastico, a venetian startup that promotes and assists an exclusive network of artisan enterprises, are proud to announce Re-Craft Design, a joint project aimed at bringing together italian craftmanship, international designers and web 2.0.

Re-Craft Design will connect, through special design competitions, our community with local artisan enterprises to design new, high-end products, adding a new value to their creations.

The first partner who has decided to invest in our project is Vetreria Dal Pian, an artisan enterprise that has established itself as a leader in the flat glass working thanks to several prestigious partnerships with national and international brands in the furniture and lighting industries.

Vetrerie Dal Pian has decided to create its own collection of furnishing and interior design products and it has launched the design award “Glass House Collection ’13” to involve our community in the develepment process.

Participants are invited to represent the company identity through this collection, designing unique pieces of furniture or interior design creations that include flat glass as the main production material. The best projects selected by Vetrerie Dal Pian will be part of its five-piece collection and royalties will be assigned to the winning designers.

Know more about technical requirements, awards and deadlines on All the entries must be submitted through the online form by March 14th, 2013.

Go compete:

Re-Craft Design is working on many others projects and soon there will be great news about the “Glass House Collection ’13”: if you want to stay up-to-date like Re-Craft Design’s page on Facebook or continue to follow us on the social networks!



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