Once upon a fabulous Thun design contest: the winner

image-size-promo-social_BLOG_BADGE-666x250_BannerToday we are very excited to share with you the results of Once upon a fabulous Thun design contest, that involved 178 designers from all over the world, in a challenging contest for the creation a new “Thunic” style for the Sponsor.

You were all invited to take into consideration the values of the brand and suggest a style that could either follow or break with the current approach of Thun, developing a whole scenario consisting of two-dimensional graphic elements, new ceramic products and a contextualisation of the style in some existing products from the Woman and Kids areas.

After a very thorough evaluation of all the submissions, Thun has decided to assign the award to the project that best of all matched their expectations. In particular, they appreciated the consistency with the brand, its design identity and the fairy-tale values it conveys. In addition, the proposal of the winning designer was definitely feasible and ready-to-market.

So here’s..



image-size-promo-social_BLOG_WINNER_GENERIC-666x1000_winnerI designed a texture that creates a simple design, in line with the Thun style.
It can be implemented with the graphic elements of the company (butterfly, ladybug etc ..).
It can also be expressed as a single line, either horizontally or vertically.
From here the idea to use it as a separator element of the color (by applying to the piece different color engobe).

Stay tuned for more news!

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  • Livia 16 Sep 2016 at 10:52pm

    Nothing new with respect to the present designs.
    I saw innovative projects, but the winner project adds nothing new to the present style and collections.
    It’s a pity, I was looking and hoping for something new!

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