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Today we’re at the beginning of a new chapter of a story that goes back to Oct 2013, when Chicco relied on the Community of for the very first time. The idea was to explore the design of a new food container that parents could easily use and take with them all day long, to feed their babies according to their specific needs and meal habits (first meal, snack, thermal solution, second meal, etc.).

So the time was ripe and Smart Baby Lunch was the first contest promoted by the Chicco, a company of the Artsana Group. Since then, Chicco has relied on the Community of Desall with four extra contests and one Desall Juice event.

In particular, in the first contest participants were invited to design a kit of different containers, suggesting a way to easily combine them together and ease the parents into preserving, carrying and giving food to their babies when outside home. The response of the Community was really impressive, both for the number of proposals collected and for the great passion and expertise put into the contest. Besides, during the upload phase, a Desall Juice event was held at our HQ in collaboration with the team of Chicco. During the all-day-long workshop (with design and 3D printing sessions), participants were given the chance to ask for feedbacks and insights on the subject of the contest and receive comments directly from the team of Chicco that attended the workshop (read more from our Blog: Desall Juice with Chicco).


Indeed the contest proved a great success, exploring a very challenging topic from different angles and perspectives. At the end of it, the project that most of all satisfied the expectations of Chicco was the one designed by Andrea Guarrera, who played an ever more important role in this whole story. So much so, that his project, SNAP BOX – Outdoor Baby Lunch System became the starting point of a further contest, named Smart Baby Lunch – Refine, that invited the whole community to improve and refine his project. But once again he beat the competition submitting an improved version of his SNAP BOX that addressed all the new requests of the brief and simply presented itself as a very impressive project on the whole.



Even more, not only did his project draw the attention of Chicco for its level of detail and attention to the design, but it also caught the attention of our CEO, who met him in person and asked him about his plans for the future. A future that today we’re glad to share with Andrea, now officially part of the team: in fact, you can bet that any matter related to product design, 3D or CAD has passed through his desk too.

Chicco_BLOG-666x500_imgSo time passed by and Chicco kept on working on the project. On its way, it went through specific focus groups aimed at testing the overall user-experience that led to further revisions and improvements handled directly by Andrea.Chicco-12Finally, after a fruitful journey “SNAP BOX – Outdoor Baby Lunch System” became what we all hoped for: a new Chicco product, that now goes by the name of “System Easy Meal“. Something we are really proud of!

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