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It was almost one year ago when we announced the winners of ReDesign The Wheel, the product design contest sponsored by OZ racing. Back then (see the article) we were amazed for the high quality of the projects submitted for the contest, that was joined by roughly 300 designers from all over the world. Altogether we received 562 designs, It was simply amazing. Today, we are glad to announce a long-awaited milestone for this project, by presenting you Rally Racing, designed by Alessandro Leghissa (aka aleDesignSolutions). His project had immediately caught the attention of OZ and you can now see it directly on the producer’s website (go to the OZ website).

The contest had a private gallery, so we are now able to show you – for the first time – the photos of the winning project, in some amazing shots. Enjoy the gallery and stay tuned for more news!



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  • Ghasem mazharifar 11 Dec 2016 at 08:37pm

    Good time
    The ring design is interesting.
    But I have chosen a very large middle page.
    Because the brake disk covers and brake frequency is high in Raleigh warming becomes severe.
    Design wheels have spokes sucked into the air and cool the discs to avoid wear and tear.

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