Product update: we are very glad to announce an update about Iconic Flip Key, the contest sponsored by Keyline on

Back in 2014, Keyline had relied on our community to create a new design for an aftermarket flip key for the automotive industry, translating into an iconic product the company payoff: “Innovators by design”. The topic was welcomed with great enthusiasm by all participants, making the contest a real success with almost 200 entries and 136 participants.

After a close collaboration between the author of the winning project (Loris Tonon) and the Keyline team, on January 30th the company officially launched the product to the market, presenting this “unique and distinctive flip key” to the world.

We are very excited to introduce you KEYLINE FLIP KEY!

Keyline_BLOG-666x2175_img Keyline_BLOG-666x1500_img

You can find all the details about the new key on the Keyline official page.

Stay tuned for more news!

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