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Mabele_BLOG-666x250_All_BannerA whole new collection of shelves from Off the wall, the contest launched by Mabele on You might recall that the contest had gone really international with over 600 participants from all over the world, 900 entries and 5 extra awards (check out the winner announcement post). Definitely an interesting topic, that was met with great enthusiasm and passion by all participants, and eventually something that turned out to be a great success.

In fact, after the presentation of the new bookshelves at the Fiera del Libro of Turin where they received very positive feedbacks by the attendants, Mabele has finally included them into a new collection, in view of the Maison et Objet of Paris. The authors were really happy with the result and we can’t but wish them all the best for their success!


Earthquake Lovers by bellavista&piccini (Italy)


“Earthquake lovers” is a one sheet metal library made by few, but of great impact, industrial processes. An unexpected event, an accident, are the main cause of the crack of the panel so close to the break. At the same time the crack reveals the pro le of two lovers in an abortive attempt to kiss each other. A failed kiss well expressed by the state of tension of its metal fibres, and by the shelves’ structure that, like a big hug, keep together the two lovers while attempting their last kiss.

About the author:
In the city of Meda, the cradle of design, the atelier Bellavista Piccini Architetti was born. Giancarlo Bellavista studied in Naples at Federico II with Riccardo Dalisi, Matteo Piccini in Milan at Politecnico with Pierluigi Cerri. An heterogeneous mix of precision and eclecticism that looks at design like the confluence of different disciplines – from art to literature. Brought together by the pleasure of continuous comparison, they work hard to exceed the individualities in a permanent dialog. In their atelier, they test the use of alternative raw materials for the creation of new products prototypes. The studio deals with architecture and design, working together with some firms of Brianza for the development of furniture’s projects.


Waveform by Carmine Scotch (USA)


“Waveform” is a system of curvilinear shelves representing the undulating waves of the sea. When viewed from the side you can notice this wavy effect, while the front reveals its function as library. Each blade has an undulating pro le different from the other one with the purpose to create a three dimensional waveform of strong view impact. Waveform has been realizing in a set of three different modules that put side by side adapt themselves to the space around, adorning the wall in an original way.

About the author:
Born in California, raised in Santa Barbara, Carmine grew up by the sea. Fascinated with the unique elements of this aquatic environment, he developed an interest in the unusual answers nature provided. Questioning how things were designed, wanting to explore alternative ideas, he entered the Industrial Design program at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena where he achieved a Bachelor of Science degree. Working in multiple fields of interest, he has won awards in architecture, product and interior design. Regardless of project typology, his work continues to focus on unique concepts, original ideas and the experience of the individual within their environment.


Simple by Innokentiy Padalko (Russian Federation)


The book overall. This is the principle that has generated “Simple”. Composed by a metal sheet bended in some speci c points, “Simple” gives movement to the wall and at the same time adorn it. The covers of the books are the main character of this library, just like paintings.

About the author:
Innokenty Padalko was born in 1988 in the South of Russia. In 2012 he graduated with an architecture degree, from the I. Repin St. Petersburg State Academy Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture and also had two year education in Architecture school MARCH (Moscow). He is cofounder in architectural studio ArchAttacka (St. Petersburg). ArchAttacka is engaged in diverse projects, including not only the architecture but also urbanism and industrial design.


Another brick in the wall by Zdravko Barisic (Serbia)


“Another brick in the wall” is a composition of 7 modules adjustable on the wall as desired, creating an alternative to the strictness of the classical bookshelves. Proposed in the rust nishes, all these elements remember the ancient bricks of the historical villas and for their nature are adaptable to every style of decoration.

About the author:
After the bachelor’s degree at the faculty of architecture in Belgrade University, he continues with architectural work in construction company Energoprojekt.
Late on, after several years of working on-site, he moved back to province of Serbia, into small town of Kragujevac to keep on with own architectural design studio.
Since 2006, he won a couple of remarkably international awards, like Autodesk Design Hero, sponsored by Autodesk & nVidia, 2012, Middle East Talents Award, 2013, Design&Design, 2013 and 2014, El Lissitzky Award, 2014, and some more…Currently working on own design projects, writing plays for kids theater and composing guitar songs. Active with projects in architecture, interior and industrial design.

by Tiziana Morello (Italy)


“Woods” is a gaze out the window, pointed to a forest that hides books between its branches. It consists of various levels that provide a sense of depth and movement that depends on the perspective of the point of view. Trees placed in the foreground, hide a game of shelves on the background, creating a plot that will change its aspect according to the lightening orientation. Woods is a system set by three modules that you can put side by side in order to adorn every wall size.

About the author:
After graduating in design at the Sapienza University of Rome, the increasing passion for architecture took her to continue her studies and graduate in Architecture, Interiors and Exhibition. She had a few working experiences at several architecture studios based in Rome and Lecce, her homeland; in the meanwhile she also started her personal research, taking part in design awards and putting herself to test through personal working experiences. Her approach to product design often arose during the design of an interior, from the need to find an object that could complete it, by satisfying a need. What most fascinates her in design is the possibility to enter the daily life of people and to interact with their desires and needs.


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