Inspiration Desk 09.03.2015


In this Inspiration Desk we are opening a window on the architecture world, from smart cities to urban furniture, to give you some inspiration for the design of the structure requested by the “Multifunctional Urban Structure Design” by calzavara.

An insightful reasoning comes from the smart cities, which is why we have included a chart that sums up several hints for a project related to the needs and the new opportunities of the urban reality. Try to think about the actions that people do on a daily basis within the city, what players are involved and what new opportunities technologies offer in this field.

We have also collected a series of upward developed buildings – in particular skyscrapers – a design requirement laid out by calzavara. Get inspired by the slander shapes, by the organic or geometrical style, by the visual solutions of these buildings designed and built to host a huge crowd of people, while occupying little space on ground level.

Another topic we have decided to cover in this issue regards the architecture coverings that consist of decorated or printed panels, in this case made of metal. There are several solutions in this industry: the material can be perforated, conceived as a net, modular, deformed or decorated.

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