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Another Inspiration Desk is out and this time we are covering “ReDesign The Wheel”, the product design contest by OZ. Entries are open till Nov 4th.
Provided it’s about a wheel… Wonder where to start from? We’ve included below some hints, something to get inspired, some ideas. Read on and get inspired by… architecture, design and fractals!

Fractals are shapes or geometrical objects that repeat their shapes in the space in the same way at different scales; enlarging or reducing any of its parts you obtain a shape similar to the original one.

Fractals created with digital techniques are quite varied and they often follow a circular shape.

There are several examples of fractals in nature, for instance the geometry of a shell derived from the mollusc growing inside, or the structure of many plant species.

Fractals are often employed also in architecture, by repeating modules varying in size according to structure, function, distribution or aesthetic requirements, especially when building domes. An interesting example is represented by the work of Santiago Calatrava, an architect that employs in his works repeated elements.

This type of geometries, at times employed also for watches, can become inspiration for new shapes of wheels, objects containing repeating elements that follow a circular shape.

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