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Welcome to a new Inspiration Desk featuring the new contest Replay 24h shoe. If you haven’t read the brief yet, click here to be redirected to the contest page. Submissions are open till Oct 20, 2015. For any specific questions we remind you that you can contact us via the “HAVE A QUESTION?” button on the left shoulder of the contest page.


Replay and Desall invite you to design the versatile shoe par excellence, a shoe that might adapt to all the situations throughout the 24 hours of a day, from the best moments to the common mishaps. Contribute to create a night and day experience, a design embodying the versatility, comfort and durability characteristics researched, with a casual style for the leisure time to spend with friends or for a walk alone through the city, still suitable for some more formal situations like a romantic dinner or a work meeting.

Here we have collected a few context examples that might occur within the 24 hours of a typical day. These are situations that can thoroughly test how you feel in your shoes. Imagine what would be the best shoe in those situations and sum up all the necessary requirements into a design project for a non-stop Replay experience.

Enjoy the pics!
Stay tuned for the next inspirations.



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