illy City Mug – Special Mentions


Following the success of “illy City Mug” contest, illy is glad to announce two Special mentions given the high level of creativity reached by the submitted projects.

Among all, two projects have grabbed the attention of illy!


Special Mentions (without any order of preference)

studiomrossi – Marco Rossi

illy-sm02 The poetry of Illy coffee as the poetry of the night



studioPANG – Fabio Damiani & Marco Quistini


 “Cities’ Noise” ain’t just a representation, but a performance that offers a brand new vision of these six chosen cities…in the way of their own noisiness. We decided to reflect horizontally the original skylines of each cities to obtain six different soundwaves that clearly represent their main peculiarities… in an alternative way indeed.That’s it.



The two Special mentions will receive the coffee cups of illy Art collection: mental KLINIK (


Once again congrats to all participants!

Have you missed the winner announcement of “illy City Mug”? Don’t worry, jump to the Desall blog page:


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  • Sanja 23 May 2014 at 08:45pm

    :O I am stunned with so many bad choices here…no disrespect but it is true…first one…this is creative?
    Second one-better, much better…
    I don’t think I will be participating in anything else here on this page.
    Cause literally everybody can enter, with or without any academic experience…and the one who actually have academic experience give their unique perspective, think about not to give something that is already seen and still doesn’t get chosen (even tho is written that ‘they wont something unique), and somebody who put photo trough some filter just get special mention.
    It is disrespect. Total disrespect.

    • desall 26 May 2014 at 02:40pm

      Hi there, thanks for your precious feedback. Regarding your comment, we do understand your point of view and accept your position. However, we would like to remind you that the selection is made by the Client that – alone – knows and understands the needs and requests for its target market. In this case, the Client has awarded the works that were closer to its needs for this very project.
      Indeed, anyone can enter our contests, regardless of his/her own academic/professional career. We truly believe that Open Innovation applied to the creative world of design can go even beyond the results reached through the traditional methods which are most used today.

      For any doubts, we remain at your complete disposal also to our e-mail address.

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