How it works – Co-creation Contest

“Two heads are better than one”. This ancient proverb has never been so relevant: thanks to the fast improvement of ICTs co-creation can now reveal its great potentiality. That’s why Desall is working on a new way of thinking the whole process of product design. We divide the series of steps you need to follow in order to achieve a new project in 4 different phases, and each one is open to every creative who wants to show his own skills and expertise. A client can choose 2, 3 or all the phases and create a sequential contest: in this way all the participants interact, share and combine their capabilities, achieve better results.


The community participates with sketches, concepts designs and original interpretations of the client brief, where it’s described what kind of inspiration, solution and new idea he’s looking for.

The winner concept of the previous phase or the detailed idea of the customer are the starting point. Participants develop the raw idea, turning them into advanced and feasible projects.

Once the best project has been chosen, Desall collects proposals for the product name and suggestions about the concepts and messages the marketing and communication campaign should include.

The final stage deals with the packaging design. All the comments, advices and general information gathered in the previous phases guide the work of the designers and suggest them the product features they should bring out.


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