Future Kitchen Experience – company and winner revealed!

Img-size-promo-social_BLOG_BADGE-666x250_BannerIt is time for big announcements for “Future Kitchen Experience”.

The contest proved a real challenge, by asking you to envision a new future scenario in which people and appliances interact with food in new and unprecedented ways. But you proved to be up to the expectations submitting 103 interesting projects on a very difficult topic. Many of you also wondered who this “Appliances-Multinational-Company” is… so today, along with the winner, we are also going to mention the real company name!

But before reading their comments, let’s greet the TOP 5 projects:





The other projects in the TOP 5 (getting 500 extra reputation points)









Many congrats guy! You’ve been the best 5 participants of the contest!

And finally let’s read their comments:

Dear participants,
we warmly thank you for your commitment and for your proposals.

We appreciated several ideas, but as you know we have to select only one winner.

Before announcing it, we would like to share with you the metrics we used in order to select our favorite project. In particular, we took into account the following elements:
– Fit with the brief
– Feasibility
– Affordability in price (benchmarking with comparable ideas and products)
– Consumer benefit
– Fit with our business
– Innovativeness

Then we individually gave a score from 0 to 10 for each element and after multiple meetings of our team we were able to merge our views and create a final standings. Here our “top five” ideas:

1) Elp-U
2) Mondrian Project
4) Induction Table
5) 40 Below Smart Thaw

Finally, just a couple of words on our winner, Elp-U. We love this project mainly because of its fit with the brief, the consumer benefits it could provide, its fit with our business and its innovativeness.

We think in fact that Elp-U perfectly embodies the idea of addressing emerging consumers’ needs through new interactions between users, home appliances, food and technology.  We think that Elp-U could become an awesome and useful cooking tool to prepare healthy, convenient and perfectly made meals.

Best Regards

Whirlpool R&D Srl


Stay tuned for more great news to come!


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