Extraordinary coffee moment – UPDATE


It was a chilly day of February back in 2014 when you all came to know about the winners of Extraordinary coffee moment, the contest by illycaffè looking for innovative floor displays to promote their coffee together with a biscuit pack. Remember? Well, you might want to check back the winner announcement for more details.
Back then, the contest had engaged more than 180 creatives from all over the world, to suggest the design for a floor display to host the 250g illy cans together with a special edition of biscuits pack. The display was also meant to accommodate tasting session inside the stores. Very interestingly, the submissions were so varied that you could really explore a wide variety of solutions, some of which you may not even think about.

Among the several project, the one by f.b. caught the full attention of illycaffè which eventually picked this for the first award, with the following statement:

The winning proposal gave us a final, complete model that our supplier did not even need to readjust. Besides, we liked the visual aspect of the display, its functionality and the way it is easily accessible by the customers.” – illy Team

Today, we are happy to share with you some pics that show you the story of the project, from concept to real life. Enjoy!



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