Enel Creative Space Award – Winner announcement


Winner announcement for Enel Creative Space Award. After a very thorough evaluation of all the 165 submissions received for the contest, Enel has decided to assign the first award to the project that according to their judgment best addressed their requirements in the design of a creative area for their employees. The idea was to create a very stimulating and human-centred environment to encourage workers to meet up, exchange ideas and generate innovation.

Given the great interest of the topic, the contest engaged architects, interior designers and other creatives from 32 different countries in the world, with different expertise and backgrounds. Indeed the variety of proposals was very significant, giving rise to multiple interpretations for the same need and suggesting different perspectives to conceive the right solution.

After a first assessment by the team of Enel regarding the technical feasibility of the proposals and their compliance with the requests of the brief, Enel conducted an internal voting phase with all their employees to eventually come up with the most preferred solution which we are finally glad to share with you. Please greet the winning project!



“The idea of the project stems from the analysis of the ‘casing’ term, understood in this case as a stimulant container of creative ideas for the future. It’s not well defined elements that establish functions and activities, but one common and modular space defined by a new enclosure made of horizontal wooden slats, along which the five inspiring motives emerge, taking turns, fuelling the creative research of a company projected in the future like Enel” (from the project description)

Creative Area


Pitch Area






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  • Alexander 12 May 2017 at 05:55pm

    Greetings to the winner!
    Have this contest 2nd and 3rd places?

    • desall 16 May 2017 at 04:10pm

      Hi Alexander, it doesn’t have. However, the Sponsor may pick other projects in the coming weeks, throughout their option right. For more info check out the Contest Agreement.
      Best Regards

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