Earthquake Lovers – New Mabele bookshelf


Meet Earthquake Lovers by bellavista&piccini, the winning project of Off the wall contest launched by Mabele on Along with other designs developed through the contest, this bookshelf is now part of the new Mabele collection.

The bookshelf was featured at the Fiera del Libro of Turin and at the Maison et Objet of Paris, where it was met with great enthusiasm.

The bookshelf is one of the 900 entries submitted by 626 participants from all over the world (see Off the wall – Winner announcement)

“Earthquake lovers” is a one sheet metal library made by few, but of great impact, industrial processes. An unexpected event, an accident, are the main cause of the crack of the panel so close to the break. At the same time the crack reveals the profile of two lovers in an abortive attempt to kiss each other. A failed kiss well expressed by the state of tension of its metal fibres, and by the shelves’ structure that, like a big hug, keep together the two lovers while attempting their last kiss.


About the author:
In the city of Meda, the cradle of design, the atelier Bellavista Piccini Architetti was born. Giancarlo Bellavista studied in Naples at Federico II with Riccardo Dalisi, Matteo Piccini in Milan at Politecnico with Pierluigi Cerri. An heterogeneous mix of precision and eclecticism that looks at design like the confluence of different disciplines – from art to literature. Brought together by the pleasure of continuous comparison, they work hard to exceed the individualities in a permanent dialog. In their atelier, they test the use of alternative raw materials for the creation of new products prototypes. The studio deals with architecture and design, working together with some firms of Brianza for the development of furniture’s projects.

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