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Sunday 12th was a great day for all participants of Design Welcome, the contest launched by ArtVerona to find the new urban furnishing design that will welcome the visitors to the next edition of the fair.
Desall was partner of the event, sponsoring the Icona 2014 award which was assigned to Luigi Presicce for his “Allegoria astratta dell’atelier del pittore all’inferno tra le punte gemelle” and announced during the Awarding ceremony. The artwork will be exhibited at the AMACI museum at the MART in Rovereto (TN) – Italy.


Design Welcome was also introduced during the Awarding ceremony by Davide Scomparin, founder and CEO at, who explained the results and the figures of the contest, giving credit to the fact that innovation eventually stems from the connections between different fields and skills. In fact, Desall is constantly witnessing to such a contamination of ideas, where boundaries between disciplines are more than ever faded, where it doesn’t matter who you are, as long as you have talent.


And so it also happened for Design Welcome: altogether 160 creative users joined the contest and submitted 184 entries with visits to the contest pages and gallery coming from + 116 countries.
The winner was chosen by a jury of ArtVerona that evaluated the project for its consistency with the brief and feasibility in order to be able to realise it for the next edition of the fair.
On the other hand, the Special mention was selected by the visitors of the fair that were invited to look at a selection of the most interesting proposals and cast their vote.

1st Award


Claudia Suarez Ahedo
Beyond Art Pavilion


The design is a continuity combination of different basic geometrical forms, with different shapes, organized to create a pavilion who gives the sensation to be in a folding form like the ancient method papiroflexia.
One of the principal ideas of the pavilion is being a versatile area, where you can start to have a little taste of the amazingness experience that is waiting for you in the exposition, meanwhile is also a perfect way to close it.

The Special Mention
voted by the visitors of the ArtVerona fair 2014


2wins aka Maria Monna


“Costato” is a urban furniture project, that aims to welcome the fair’s visitors using the metaphor of breath.
“Costato” (in Italian: “Rib”) is based on the creation of a dynamic filter between the ticket booth’s space and the pavillion entrance. The ticket booth looks like a “mouth”, that allows the visitors to access to the path that will conduct them to the fair, whose entrance is imagined as a junction to the place where art is life’s oxygen, where the pavillon becomes a lung, that allows the oxygen to circulate. The designed space shows itself like a passage between the mouth and the lungs, a trachea, whose cartilage’s rings contribute to create a visually dynamic rythm, that is inspired by the pavillon entrance’s colonnade.
“Costato” is composed by a sequence of steel-frameworked structures, that are covered by pvc sheets. These structures have as supports a base, that works also as a seat for the visitors that has just arrived, and a junction to the wall they lean to.
These structures are simply re-usable, because they are made up of a steel framework, so they can be used to construct other configurations. Another advantage of this project is that these structures are renewable as time flows with little change, like, for example, replacing the upholstery’s material. Furthermore, the system is flexible: the number of the structures could be increased or reduced, as the dimensions of the structure itself.
“Costato” is a simple project with a dense meaning, that greets and accompanies people in the best way possible towards the fair.

What follows is the remaining top-list voted by the visitors of the fair.

Special Mention 2° place
Andreatanganelli with The Palette

Special Mention 3° place
gyra aka Réyes Leon e Andrés Infantes with Umbrella Sky

Special Mention 4° place
RCVarquitectura aka José Andrés Cuesta, Mª José Calero Martí and Carlos Vercher González with Pixelart

Many congrats to all participants and to the winners.
Stay tuned for the new upcoming contests.


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