Desall Spotlight – October

Welcome to our October Spotlight, the monthly issue we reserve to some of our most talented users. You can be next! Keep joining our contests and polish up your profile with a nice picture, short bio and all references to your portfolios or website.

This time we present four talents from Italy, UK, Mexico and Netherlands.

Lodovico Zoccarato
designer from Italy

A selection of his works:
zoccaratolodovico_1JACCO 2.0 for Smartphone
Desk pen/pencil and Smartphone holder – Nice for any gift

zoccaratolodovico_2Love’s Invasion
Nice gifts for a special person, for a friend or a colleague. Made in polished steel.

smhagen aka Sofia
designer from United Kingdom

A selection of her works:
smhagen-1Hong Kong Iconicity
The design aims to capture not only the cultural and architectural icons of each city, but more so their personalities.

smhagen-2Paris Iconicity
The design aims to capture not only the cultural and architectural icons of each city, but more so their personalities.

Herminio Menchaca
designer from Mexico

A selection of his works:
Basics of the architecture and construction field. Native elements that are used nowadays for colossal buildings.
Bring something natural without finish or color concrete and metal a material that does accomplish a finish.
Natural and industrialized at the same time.

The concept is based on the architecture and construction field, pure elements for a construction which are used nowadays for modern buildings, these two materials have been used for decades, and this inspired me to take them as a reference.
Wire used a soul for a solid piece and concrete referred to a shell or a main body for the bowl.
The mixture of these two materials “metal” and “concrete” can deliver such an interesting product, we do have a native appearance using concrete but combined with a brass finish on a metal can enrich the product, for example when you see a product made of concrete and wood or ceramic, rubber and glass.

herminiomenchaca-2Yamaha Ipod Speaker
The design of a speaker for the iPod have 2 differentconcepts, the first was a concept focused on the design style of the designerLuigi Colani, with organic and free forms combining aerodynamics andavant-garde. style

The second concept is focused on elements related toclassical music with Yamaha as arepresentative for this, being a brand that is classic, quality on instruments,a traditional image, this concept would represent a nostalgia that is in peoplewho used to have a turntable or acetate discs, even getting in a same speakercould see what it has inside the horn, with materials that reflect these goldenera of music.

Emmanuel Etaillard
French designer from Netherlands

A selection of his works:
As the bike market is only growing I propose to Sigma to produce bike accessories for which there is more and more demand.

It allows you to hold it in your hands even when hot. In fact, when held, the gap in between two rings reduces the surface in contact with your hands. It also allows air to flow in and the wide rings are thick enough to stay cooler than a regular cup. The grooved surface is keeping the after sip drop to trickle on the table. And finally the “flat” beak allows the drink to slowly stream and cool down to prevent mouth scald.

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