Desall Spotlight – June


June is calling for a new selection of creative people to feature in our Desall Spotlight.
Altogether, you are based in so many many countries and this time we have picked four talents from USA, ItalyUkraine and Germany.

Here they are:

district2design aka Carmine Scotch
Designer from USA



Here’s a selection of his works:


Neutrino is an innovative modular lighting system with filament LED bubs. Easy to install, each piece contains a powerful neodymium magnet making it flexible and easy to change configuration, no tools required. Add pieces as needed and create your own design to express your individual personality. 



Vessel Grill
Vessel is a small porcelain table top grill. Inspired by the curvilinear shapes of the sea, it features a wood base, fireproof porcelain container, removable grill and vent for flow through air and heat exchange. Perfect for really small spaces like a balcony or patio.



Architect from italy



Here’s a selection of her works:



L.IV.E MALìPARMI: Light, Inviting, Versatile, Essential

The concept behind the project is to create a space, a store that works like a movie soundtrack, where the real protagonist isn’t the architectural object itself but Malìparmi brand with its accessories and clothes.

The objective was to create a cozy space with essential elements that gives maximum relevance to the product exposed, avoiding to create a chaotic and dispersant environment that diverts attention from the displayed products.




Framed is a iron bookcase that hangs on the wall like a picture (hanging system: Framed is hanged to dowels anchored to the wall). The ten shelves allow to accommodate books and small items. The covers of favorite books are “framed” thus they become part of the furniture, like real paintings.



Illustrator from Ukraine



Here’s a selection of her works:



Plastic, metal, glass. 980*710*1200. Symmetry. Featured Families: pendant, floor, table (scaled down). The finish of the material does not matter.


“I am seriously affected by this, always.”



Designer from Germany



Here’s a selection of his works:


Leukós is made by modules which can rotate almost of 180° each in both directions. The tubular shape is 100 mm long x 110 mm diameter. I designed a transparent glass version (more for decorative purposes) and 2 mirrored glass solutions of grey and blue color (to have also the spotlight). 


The diffuser is the result of the deformed cylinder which reflects the light of an 3 Watt LED already on the market. The LED housing has been designed to make fit in all its additonal parts. The modules are conected to each other using a tube which is also the rotation axis. Leukós is unique, alone or combined to other modules, it gives the perception of compactness and lightness, is functional and highly aesthetic.




Air purifier, through photosynthesis process performed by the algae 

Starting from the upper gap, the water flow along the walls of the glass tubes releases the oxygen to the environment and at the same time it captures the contaminants from the air. Thereafter, the water is forced within the habitat of the algae by special pumps positioned in the base.

Project intended to serve highly polluted environments such as airports, train stations, etc.

 Exhibited at “InterAction”, Italian Cultural Institut (Munich) 2012







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  • Francesco 26 Jun 2015 at 11:21am

    Opere visibili sul sito sezione portfolio

    • desall 01 Jul 2015 at 10:34am

      Gentile Francesco,
      grazie per la segnalazione. Nello specifico, a quali progetti si riferisce? Può gentilmente condividere il link diretto?

      Cordiali Saluti

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