Desall Spotlight – July


Desall Spotlight July is out! Meet four creative minds from our Community coming from Italy, Russia, Israel and Mexico.

Designer from Italy
Here’s a selection of his works:


Lamps consist of a cover and a ring or cap. The shell is made of opal glass (illuminated) or aluminum. The ring or the cap are made of aluminum or wood. Simplicity and modularity are the main features.



Pion is a functional furniture, essential in all rooms of the house:  it’s a bedside table for bedroom, a low table for living room or a stool for sitting. Pion has a large top and a stable base, keeping a slim shape. Light and versatile, the top in natural felt is customizable. The shape reminds of a pawn, a funny design for all rooms of the house.


Vagurinka aka Kate Vagurina
Designer from Russia
Here’s a selection of her works:



The box is made of a concrete I design. EFFIX so it has to be quite lightweight. The top cover is movable in horizontal way by pulling it with a curvilinear shape of the edge of this cover. Inside the box there are a four slots for a four types of a cutlery – a spoon, a knife, a fork and a small spoon. And the sides of this slots could be covered by a movable rubber stuffer that could be done in a different colours and could be changed at another colours.

And the top cover has the slot-drawing of a spoon and a fork. It might be done also in I design. EFFIX material with some colour or with a pattern on the top of it. The top cover either might be done of a plywood or a wood .

Dim 364x340x96




Dobrostol is a bed tray table that could be used for an eating in a bed or by sitting on a sofa. Dobrostol also has removable tray-box under the top of the table where ( as a humour aspect ) you could hide your already empty and dirty plate . you also could use this table as a laptop tray. so, the recesses in the top of the Dobrostol could be used as a place for the cup of coffee and spase for a gadget or pens. and in the movable wooden box you could store some needed notes and etc. materials – fiber-cement, wood, painted metal. dim 320x325x550

Moshe Boruhin
Design engineer from Israel
Here’s a selection of his works:



Hexa is a small and modular light fixture that can be combined in a variety of configurations to create flexible and beautiful lighting solutions.




Hiker Aid – first aid kit for hikers
Presented here is a concept for a first aid kit with a lightweight and rigid protective outer casing which is designed to be attached to a hiker’s backpack and provide easy access to the emergency medical equipment within it. The rigid casing, when necessary, can be easily detached using a quick release mechanism and used as a splint for broken extremities. The first aid kit within the rigid casing is a foldable array of pockets and compartments, similar to a wash bag, made of heavy-duty waterproof fabric with velcro fasteners. Accessing the kit itself is quick and easy, all the user has to do is press the red buttons on the sides of the lid and pull the kit out. The lid contains a compact waterproof LED flashlight.

kamlalex aka Alex Romero
Senior Designer from Mexico
Here’s a selection of his projects:



piece based on the expression “everything fits into a place knowing accommodate”
basic utensils container work the feasibility of separating and distributing




watch design to Breil competition








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