Desall Spotlight – February


New Spotlight this February, with some of the most active users ever. The last contests have brought a great bunch of new creative talents who did really stand out for their works.

In this issue, we are glad to introduce you one of the most active users we have ever had:

Jacopo&Victoria aka Jacopo Solazzi and Victoria Raccah
Industrial and interior designer


A selection of their works:
Warmy is a glass candle holder marked by a minimalist design. Ideal for decorating a table during a special occasion or useful to give a touch of elegance to any room in your home

Love for food, for children and for the picnic has let us to think about this final product. A sort of tower we can assembly as we want or we need.

zam aka Mani Zamani


A selection of his works:
zam_1Warm family
There is nothing more lovable than a warm family
This is a set of tea and coffee flask that can be used by all family members in family gatherings or outside. It is consider also as a decoration home-kitchen good that hopefully will bring back the warm memories of our loved ones in the future.


carmelorizzo aka Carmelo Rizzo


A selection of his works:
feedo1Feedo plus
Love for your dog can be expressed with the focus on its health.
Feedo plus is a Slow Feed bowl that thanks to its special internal conformation prevents the dog to swallow the food too voraciously avoiding flatulence and vomiting problems after meals.
The heart shape within its bowl is a clear demonstration of love to your pet.

Compact water dispenser with LCD screen.

gpaikane aka Gopalkrishna Pai Kane


A selection of his works:
gpaikane_1Lil Heart
Cute Little Hearts

Bed side lamp

Get creative and feature in our next Spotlight!

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