Desall Spotlight – April

Welcome to another Spotlight on, featuring four talents from our international Community of creatives.

This April we present four talents from NetherlandsUk, Venezuela and Italy.


designer from Netherlands


A selection of his works:


The design of the stand is inspired by the design of the Apple iMacs, which goes very well with the design of the iPad. The stand also offers the space to place a mPOS device and can also be removed easily.

The stand and iPad holder have a rotating hinge which makes it possible to flip the iPad towards the customer. The hardware of the iPad will notice what side is up, so the software can flip the interface as well. There is no need to work upside-down.

The holder can come in various colours to support the image or brand of the store, and this can be combined with the white and black version of the iPad. On the back of the holder can be the brand name of the product (in this case I choose reDOCK) be engraved or there is the opportunity to engrave the brand name of the store.



mixel-2Ceramic Heater
The Ceramic Heater is designed for a design contest.The challenge was to design a new heat source that involves ceramic material.

My concept was awarded with the first place of the contest.

The concept is inspired by a classic radiator. With the help of ideation sketches the final shape was defined. The final concept was modeled in Rhinoceros and rendered with Vray.

The Ceramic Heater can be placed on the floor with the help of the wooden base or mounted to a wall, like a flatscreen TV, as can be seen in the scenario renderings. A turning knob on the side of the product can control the temperature. The heat will come through the ventilation raster on top and through a hole in the bottom. A red glow will indicate that the heat is coming through



designer from Italy


A selection of his works:


My idea is to link silver papers curved and cut for making a sort of container and mirror at the same time taking advantage from the silver features.

thickness paper 2mm
dimensions: 70cm x 160cm x 13cm




HANG UP it’s a portrait that works as a bookcase and container. It’s minimal style is the strongest point that tipifies the project. The steel texture it’s “cut” in some specific surfaces using white and black paint for giving more visibility and paint taste at the bookshelf. 

222x56x21 cm
thickness 0.2cm



iwednesday aka Tony Badu
student from United Kingdom



A selection of his works:


Basic – illy FUN
A simplistic playful Clock constructed from a single piece of Acrylic glass. Making a bold statement utilising the famous illy colours this clock embodies quirkiness without sacrificing style.



Bottle 2.0 [b20]
Concept of 2.0 bottle



jaime.a.r.90 aka Unplugged
design studio from Venezuela


A selection of his works:


Baslide base is simple and elegant. Can be used in multiple applications indoor or outdoor. It works as a base for table elements as a base for signaling or as room divider, among other uses.

Could be produce in color and can be illuminated.

Is a simple rotational form can be used like base for multiple applications.




Apollo 1.1
It is a vehicle that gives vertical support to start walking then becomes horizontal element on which the child sits and moves.
The spacecraft is the figure that invites the child to interact and play. Its the perfect excuse to infinity and beyond


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