Desall Juice with Chicco – Dec 14th 2013


Saturday was just a great day! Thanks to all for coming, you’ve turned Desall Juice into a real success and, of course, a really warm hearted thanks to the Chicco Team, precious resource for such an event.

On December 14th some forty designers have reached our HQ at H-Farm (Roncade – TV, ITALY) and teamed up in 12 different groups. They were given the same brief of Smart Baby Lunch, the contest already published on, and 7 hrs to work on it.
Our guests from Chicco introduced the theme of the contest, giving emphasis on the main areas, such as the functioning and use of the containers.

After a full session of hard work and non-stop 3D printing of several prototypes, we also came up with a couple of best projects of the day, conceived and uploaded in just 7 short hours:
Mr. Carrot by RandomThree and Baobab by Ideesign. Many congrats guys!
For them, a very nice 3D-print!


The Chicco Team has really appreciated your projects and ideas, a thrilling session of creativity. Besides, many of you made several questions to better understand the brief and all this ended up in some useful tips to follow for your next submissions (already added to the brief as revision) :

1. To better help the jury understand the size and proportions of your projects, place into your renders some common objects, such as an apple or a bottle, etc., to contextualize your proposal.

2. Pad printing/tampography and colours: do not employ pad printing or tampographies to decorate the components, rather play with the colour of the plastics, transparencies, satin finishings or mould engravings. Preferably, allow the user to see what is inside the components.

3. Thermos – the thermos should have a shape that allow for direct use (eating/feeding) – either directly from the thermos or possibly by means of a container placed inside.

Hope you will all join the contest now!

If you wanna see some pics, check our photo gallery on Facebook: and leave some nice comments! 😉

Take care!

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