Desall analysis by BCP

Don’t worry, we didn’t  go to see a psychologist. The analysis has been conducted by “The Big Cloud Project”, the italian blog created by Massimiliano Brunelli that deals with Open Innovation, Crowdsourcing and Collaborative Innovation. We would like to share with you a short abstract taken from his article. Enjoy!

” Desall, an Italian start-up that will revolutionize design through crowdsourcing.
Desall came up as an idea of a talented Italian designer, Davide Scomparin, which merged his passion for industrial design with his entreprenurial skills to set up this crowdsourcing platform. In fact, Desall works as every crowdsourcing platform does, but it is unique in the industrial design market. The client can gain different benefits using Desall, from saving time and money to having access to a large community of designers from all aroud the world. This new start-up is certanly an intriguing project, which aims to revolutionize the industrial design market through crowdsourcing. Right now, the viral effect of crowdsourcing is doing its job: the large design community of Desall is plenty of enthusiast creatives that are waiting for new projects through which they could prove their skills. “

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