Concrete In Design – What’s next?


Now that #Concrete In Design has also been officially presented at the Alessi Flagship Store in Milan (see Concrete In Design – The official presentation 27/03), there is a lot more to expect from the project.
First of all, this May the winning project will feature in the famous International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York brought by Alessi, which will give extra visibility to the project at an international level, drawing the interest of many people overseas.
Luca Galbusera, the designer who conceived the winning project Omaggio all’artigiano/Tribute to craftsman, developed with the help of Laura Polinoro – LPWK Design Studio, has already enjoyed a genuine interest by the media that found in his young talent and in the innovative verve of the project an interesting new perspective into the conception of new ideas and designs. In this regard, Alessi that had already tried the services of Desall with the Alessi In Love contest, played a key role into the involvement of Italcementi in the creation of #Concrete In Design.

During the official presentation Andrea Parodi claimed to be really satisfied with the results of the contest and hinted at a possible future collaboration with Desall in this direction. Of course, this will give all Creative talents of Desall an extra chance to prove themselves into a new interesting challenge.
The collaboration has been really interesting also according to Laura Polinoro, who has always explored the use of new materials for the Alessi collections: cement, had not been used yet for a centrepiece by Alessi.

We only hope now to see the product to be soon available also for the public. It would be definitely a great success not only for Luca Galbusera or for Alessi, Italcementi and LPWK, but also for Desall that once again has shown how such an approach towards the creative process is becoming day by day a real opportunity for all companies and private clients. For real, A new way of thinking the product.

We’ll keep you posted about all future developments. For the moment, good luck #Concrete In Design!

If you haven’t seen the official video of the event:
For more pictures and info: Concrete In Design – The official presentation 27/03


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