Coca-Cola Bottle Design Award – The winner

Image-size-promo-social_BLOG_BADGE-666x250_BannerAnother successful happy ending on with Coca-Cola Bottle Design Award launched by Elite. The challenge was the new design of the reusable Coca-Cola bottles and their graphics, soon on the shelves of most shops and restaurants in stations, airports and along the Italian motorway network. In fact, we are really thrilled about it and we are sure you can’t wait to see them too!

The topic proved very interesting and the news of the contest spread across social media quite fast with shares and likes in Egypt, Latin America, India, States and all over Europe. Your participation greatly reflected the overall buzz, with +430 entries and 400 contestants.

The challenge was two-fold: on the one hand participants were invited to propose the new bottle shape, cap included, working on its handiness and portability. On the other hand, they were asked to propose the new decorative graphics, customised for each Coca-Cola brand, Regular, Light, Zero and Life.

The selection of the winning project was made by the Elite team based on the criteria specified in the brief, that is Brand compliance, Functionality/usability, Technical feasibility, Aesthetics and Economic sustainability. Their final selection took into consideration all these aspects and eventually was narrowed down to a single project.

Before actually showing the winning bottle (that will necessarily remain hidden until the official launch on the market scheduled for next year), we are glad to introduce you the winner.

Tommaso Ceschi


Congratulations to all participants!
Stay tuned for more updates on the project and check out our latest Contests!

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