Calzavara at Barcelona Mobile World Congress (#MWC17)

Calzavara_BLOG-666x250_BannerAnother idea conceived Desall has come to life. During last-month Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Calzavara officially presented to the public the first prototype of Dicecell, the antenna structure designed by Iranian Arch. Maryam Kiani (maryamkiani_p) for the Multifunctional Urban Structure Design contest on


The design, initially named Hanu by the author, was a very unique project due to its versatility and modularity, that actually leads to countless possibilities in terms of adaptability and customisation. This is indeed a great feature that opens up to endless variants of the antenna, according to the requirements of every client, location, size etc.


In fact, Dicecell is a modular structure that connects modules of different size and typology, perfectly providing for various needs of the urban environment (LED lighting, advertising, information panels, etc.) in the same design.
Its structure enables great customisation, giving the possibility to rotate the various modules around the central pole at different angles. Among the various modules and affixes, Dicecell can accommodate small and macro antennas, CCTV cameras, small wind turbines, clocks, LED displays, lighting, sensors, etc. as well as other functional urban furnishing like benches. The coating is also customisable with several finishes to choose from to better fit in the urban environment it belongs to.

Dicecell, that was assigned the first award in the Multifunctional Urban Structure Design contest, is the first project of this contest to appear on the market. We now look forward to seeing other projects follow its way soon. We’ll keep you posted about it!

For the moment, enjoy the gallery of Dicecell.
Stay tuned!

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